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We are the largest Korean Spa & Sauna on the East Coast, located in Palisades Park, New Jersey. King Spa is inspired by the Korean spa known as "#Jjim-jil-bang" in South Korea. We have 10 different types of sauna rooms that will help relax the mind, body and soul. Each sauna room is composed of different elements, when infused with heat which will provide therapeutic treatments to your body. This is a perfect way to relax the fatigued body and stressed mind. Come visit King Spa today!

  • Relax Mind & Body

    Korean saunas promote sweating, which helps the body eliminate toxins and impurities, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Stress Relief

    The King SPA can helps reduce stress and promote relaxation, providing a much-needed escape from daily pressures.

  • Skin Health

    The combination of heat and humidity in Korean saunas can improve blood circulation, leading to healthier, glowing skin.

  • Muscle Relaxation

    The heat in the sauna can ease muscle tension and soreness, providing relief for tired muscles after a workout or a long day.

Our Facility

  • Dry Sauna

    Koreans have embraced diverse types of dry sauna rooms, crafted from various materials, where they relish the multitude of benefits, including alleviating tension in muscles and joints, among other advantages.

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  • Bath & Wet Sauna

    **The women's steam room is available, but the men's steam room is permanently closed.**

    We offers distinct women and men sections featuring invigorating hot pools. Immerse yourself in the warmth of our baths, as it effectively enhances blood circulation, promoting overall well-being and resilience. For bath users, you must be fully nude. Please shower before entering any bath tubs.

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  • Healing Room

    Let the natural essences envelop you, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

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  • Aroma Lounge

    Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit, and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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  • Restaurant

    Indulge in an exquisite array of authentic Korean delicacies, freshly prepared in our very own kitchen at King Spa.

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  • Juice Bar

    Revitalize your senses at our Juice Bar, where refreshing blends of nature's goodness await.

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Exceptional!!!! Wonderful!! I can’t express how amazing King Spa is, the service/saunas was impeccable, the staff was amazing, the place is clean and beautiful. The food was delicious! I do not give reviews, very rare do I actually sit down to give a review but King Spa is definitely worth the review.


Great Place to Be at Clean Spa & many different Sauna Room i Liked the 23k Gold sauna room Def Recommend taking your Partner for a date I went during the evening we loved it….Friendly welcoming Staffs was a Plus Great Location Overall.. They have free Parking. Amc & Many Restaurants Right across as well🙏🏼 Def Recommended

Amir 420

Had a great and relaxing day! Took the shuttle from the company from Manhattan to the spa. Nice saunas and relaxation areas. I also got a good massage, and at the spa, you can eat great Korean foods. Definitely recommended for a wonderful day of relaxation.

Anton Ter Veen

Wonderful spa services provided including the sauna rooms and hot tubs. The food provided was delicious. I recommend this place for a relaxing all day experience. I received the best massage I’ve ever had. The staff are experienced and the service was great! I can’t wait for my next return.

Jennifer Flores

I cannot think of one bad thing to say about this place. Everything is amazing. There are so many different saunas with different themes! Aside from all of the saunas they have hot tubs/cold tub, steam rooms, and lots of space for relaxing or even playing the provided games like chess. The food is tasty and good quality. There is almost too much to do, I never have enough time here.

carlie jo

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King SPA Hours

Hours of operation:

Mon-Sun: 9am - 2am
Open all major holidays.

  • Bulhanjeungmak

    11:15AM - 1:15PM
    2:00PM - 5:15PM
    6:00PM - 11:30PM

  • Restaurant

    11AM - 11PM
    Last order: 10:20PM

  • Juice Bar

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur
    11:00AM – 9:00PM

    Fri, Sat, Sun
    11:00AM – 10:00PM

  • Men's Steam Room

    Permanently Closed

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