King Spa Facility

A blissful experience at King Spa, where you can truly relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. You deserve this moment of tranquility and self-care.

At King Spa, we have many amenities available such as hot and cold sauna rooms, lounge spaces and dining area. Our Korean sauna offers many benefits such as relaxation, relieving stress from the body and mind, and restoring health.

**Men's steam room is permanently closed.**

  • Dry Sauna

    Koreans have embraced diverse types of dry sauna rooms, crafted from various materials, where they relish the multitude of benefits, including alleviating tension in muscles and joints, among other advantages.

  • Bath & Wet Sauna

    We offer distinct women and men sections featuring invigorating hot pools. Immerse yourself in the warmth of our baths, as it effectively enhances blood circulation, promoting overall well-being and resilience. For bath users, you must be fully nude. Please shower before entering any bath tubs.

  • Healing Room

    Let the natural essences envelop you, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.

  • Aroma Lounge

    Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit, and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.



    Indulge in an exquisite array of authentic Korean delicacies, freshly prepared in our very own kitchen at King Spa.

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    Juice Bar

    Revitalize your senses at our Juice Bar, where refreshing blends of nature's goodness await.

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Dry Sauna

  • Bulhanjeungmak

    Oak wood trees are burned at an extremely hot temperature of 200° C.


    • Detoxify and purify body
    • Helps with arthritis, rheumatism, aches, and pains
    • Softer and revived skin due to sweating and waste material flowing out of pores
    • Body will feel lighter and free from any aches or pain

    For more than 500 hundred years, traditional Koreans have been utilizing this type of hot room for remedies to varieties of illness and pains. Oak tree woods are burned at high temperature in a structure that is always dome shaped. The floor is composed of layers of Loess (yellow soil) and salt to enhance the body to detoxify while sweating. The room temperature is at 200 degrees Celsius so anybody entering this room must cover themselves with the provided cloth.

  • Infrared Ray Room

    The infrared ray therapy room offers multiple benefits for the body.


    • Increases metabolism
    • Increases healthy blood flow
    • Reduces hypertension (high blood pressure)
    • Reduces the chances of blood clots
    • Improves the elasticity of arterial walls
    • Flushes toxins from the lymph areas
    • Reduces the acidity in our body
    • Improves the immune system
    • Reduces the arthritis pain
    • Increases the extensibility of collagen
    • Relieves muscle spasms
    • Reduces edema (an accumulation of an excessive amount of watery fluid in cells or tissues)

    Without light our bodies cannot absorb some nutrients. Far infrared can help us obtain some of the benefits of light that comes from the sun, even without actually being outside.

  • Yellow Ocher Clay Room

    Yellow Mud room made from natural materials derived from river banks.


    • Promotes healthy blood circulation
    • Helps reduce pain for arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches, abdominal pain, postnatal recuperation
    • Detoxification of the skin for smoother and rejuvenating feeling
    • Antioxidant effects that prevent aging

    Traditional Koreans have always utilized this Yellow Mud for many different purposes. This yellow mud has been known as “Solar Energy Storage” and it is said to be essential to all mankind. This fertile mud is a natural substance that is derived from river banks. The yellow color is a result from certain iron and mineral compounds found in the water. It preserves the heat, coolness, and moisture specific to each climate.


    • Prohibited for people with the following symptoms:
    • Skin diseases of infections
    • High blood pressure/hypertension
    • Cardiovascular symptoms/heart disease
  • Mineral Salt Room

    100% pure mineral salt that is drawn from underground mines in Utah.


    • Helps fight many of the viruses that may attack your body
    • Sessions may result in a measurable weight loss from perspiration
    • Increasing circulation to the skin, preventing cellulite
    • Relaxing heat helps ease stiff muscles
    • Increases perspiration helps rid the boy of toxins
    • Salt releases negative iOS that create a fresh, clean, bacteria-free environment
    • Great for respiratory system for with Asthma and Allergies
    • Reducing the effects of stressful life
    • Helps regulate blood pressure, balancing blood sugar and pH acid levels
    • Reduces common signs of aging
    • Increases your body’s immune response

    There are many benefits of Himalayan Salt including improved lung function, weight loss, detox, and balanced hormones. Himalayan salt contains 84 different minerals that are bio-identical to your body, which means that the salt is able to communicate with your body in an efficient and quite delicate way. Hand-mined and hand-processed in the Himalayas, this salt is minimally altered meaning these untainted crystals have spent thousands of years maturing under ancient lava beds. Relaxing in Himalayan Salt Sauna feels like you are in a womb. You feel very safe, very comforted and very protected. There is so much simplicity in just sitting in a Himalayan Salt Sauna for 10 minutes. You’ll feel like you have been on vacation without ever having leaving town.
    Himalayan crystal salt creates negative ions, which have the ability to combat the effects of free radicals while producing a relaxing sensation. Much like the feeling you get at the ocean, or immediately following a storm, air charged with negative ions suppresses serotonin within the body, thereby instigating higher energy levels and positive moods. The power of fresh air is our life-blood, it effects every part of our body.

  • Gold Pyramid Room

    This pyramid room is built from 23K Genuine Gold Leaves from Germany.


    • Activates human bio-energy
    • Revitalize inner energy
    • Enhances immunity against disease
    • Anti-aging effect on the skin
    • Increases immunity against diseases
    • Helps maintain firm skin and prevent aging process
    • Enhance concentration

    This pyramid was built using 23K Genuine Gold Leaves imported from Germany. The Gold Leaves are transferred onto the Pyramid stones by pressure and are repeated several times. Reminder that this is not paint nor is it gold plated, we use Genuine Gold Leaves. Dongeuibogan, the book of herb medicine, reads, “Gold has the effect of a medicine such as nerve stability action, poison-counteraction, skin-cleaning action and the effect on neurosis or arthritis etc.

  • Amethyst Room

    Room made from amethyst, a healing stone aka "nature’s tranquilizer".


    • Detoxifies and assists in blood circulation
    • Has sobering and calming qualities thereby relaxing both mind and nervous system
    • Enhance mental strength, stability and vigor
    • Lowered stress and fatigue levels

    Amethyst as a healing stone is commonly associated with “peace,” also referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer” and provides many benefits for your health and wellbeing. Ancient soldiers wore helmets made with amethyst. Amethyst stone was considered to be an antidote for alcohol intoxication, headaches, and other pains in the body. It also is protective in averting the mind from psychic attacks and transforming negative energy into that of positive and tranquil tenacity.

  • Cheongito Room

    Often called “soil of miracle,” Cheongito radiates strong energy.


    • Revitalize your stamina
    • Helps prevent aging process
    • Deodorization effect

    Cheongito (Energy-Soil) is a unique material, rich in natural and earth energies from alkali mineral soil formed during ancient volcanic eruptions. Known for its strong energy and floral scent, Cheongito includes substances like white crystal, mica, germanium, elvan, and kaolin clay. Unlike standard bio-minerals that absorb and emit odors, Cheongito's flat-form molecules prevent odor absorption, offering a lasting deodorizing effect. When Cheongito contacts the human body or other substances, it transfers its natural energy. This interaction promotes anti-aging benefits, encouraging the body to sweat and rejuvenate with fresh energy. In essence, Cheongito stands out for its distinctive composition and health benefits, particularly its long-lasting deodorization and natural anti-aging properties.

  • Ice Room

    Chill and refresh in our Arctic Room between hot saunas.


    • Alleviate muscle aches and joint pain through inflammation reduction
    • Enhance brain function
    • Strengthen immune response
    • Improve mood by stimulating dopamine production
    • Promote better sleep through melatonin release

    The ice room's frigid temperatures create an ideal environment for guests to experience the rejuvenating benefits of "cold therapy".

  • Hanyulso

    Resting against the heated dome-shaped exterior of Hanyulso provides effective relief for back pain.