Korean Sauna Culture:

At Korean Sauna, the path to otherworldly relaxation is well worth the journey. Delve into this time-honored tradition, a captivating blend of holistic health and ultimate leisure, and find yourself captivated by its charm. Indulge in a delightful sweat session and a skin-polishing scrub that will leave you feeling amazing after a day of detoxing. Embrace the radiant glow that people can't help but comment on, and experience muscles so relaxed they'll remind you of velvety pudding. Let the enchantment of Korean sauna culture consume you, and discover a whole new level of revitalization.

  • 1. Checking-in

    You will need to provide a valid US government issued ID and a credit card. Front desk will provide a locker key with barcode. Barcode is used to purchase in the Spa. The total amount will be paid when checking out. Women receive a towel and uniform at the front desk, and men’s outfit will be provided at the men’s locker room.

  • 2. Locker Room

    Men and women locker rooms are located in separate locations. This is the only location that separates men and women. Traditional Korean Spas are a barefoot facility. Your footwear will be stored in the locker or shared shoe rack. Our facility floor is extremely clean so no need to worry.

  • 3. Bath Area

    If you are K-spa newbie and uncomfortable being nude, you could skip the bath house. Change to the Spa uniform in the locker room and go straight to the saunas. For bath house users, you must be fully nude, Please shower before entering any bath tubs. There will be NO cell phones, pictures and video recording in this area. Anyone who fails to comply could lead to dismissal.

  • 4. Time to Relax

    Explore a multi-level facility with different therapeutic saunas (herbal sauna, salt sauna, ice room, mud sauna etc.), along with lounges and nap room. King Spa has the hottest sauna called “Bulhanjeungmak”. The main purpose of this room is for people to extremely sweat in order to detoxify and purify their body.

  • 5. Pregnant Guests

    At King Spa & Sauna, the safety and well-being of expectant mothers and their unborn children are our top priorities. Therefore, we do not allow entry to pregnant women. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all our guests.

Korean Spa Etiquette

Nudity plus culture shock can be a terrifying combination.

In the case of Korean spas, it’s simply the price to pay for otherworldly relaxation. This traditional experience is basically a black hole of holistic health and hardcore leisure, and lately we’re a little obsessed. Pop in for a sweat and a skin-polishing scrub down; leave feeling amazing from all day detoxing, with a glow people will comment on and muscles so relaxed they feel like pudding.

  • Report to floor manager for disruptive guest

  • Alcohol-Free & Smoke-Free facility

  • Shoes-Free Facility Leave your shoes & slippers in your locker

  • Use complementary outfit for all saunas, except for men’s spa/bathing & women’s spa/bathing area where guest needs to be naked for access

  • Cell phones are not allowed in all the bathing areas and inside the saunas

  • Children under the age of 10 are not permitted in the facility without any exception

  • Valet Parking

    PRICE: $5



  • Self Parking


    *Park at your own risk. Not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles or vehicle contents

King Spa & Sauna Free Service Shuttle Bus Schedule (Run by JG Tours)


**Complimentary shuttle service is only for round-trip customers**

Mon - Sun: Free Service
"Service by JG tour :"
T: (201) 482-8002, M: (201) 494-1500

Everyday: 10:00AM | 12:00 PM

6:00PM | 8:00 PM

*There is a $13 of fare for passenger who only use the shuttle without a ticket

**New Schedule Effective From July 15, 2024**

Mon - Thu:
12:00 PM

Fri - Sun:
10:00AM | 12:00 PM

Mon - Thu:
7:00 PM

Fri - Sun:
6:00PM | 8:00 PM

*There is a $13 of fare for passenger who only use the shuttle without a ticket

    (We are open on all holidays):

    *Our shuttle runs 365 days a year during regular hours for your convenience. Except for natural disasters and storms.

  • *Limited capacity seating (FIRST COME FIRST SERVE)
    *All King Sauna customers have priority who has a ticket
    *Round trip is not guaranteed
    *The schedules may be changed without notice. We will take customers first come first who has ticket

  • We will NOT provide any ride-sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. It is the customer's responsibility to get to King Spa should the shuttle be full. Same applies to returning back to Manhattan.

  • Pickup Location in Manhattan

    Dunkin Donuts (1W. 31st St. & 5th Ave) JR Charter Office 201-800-3353

  • By Bus

    Rockland Coach Bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal (Terminal #20, 11A) Get off at “Grand Avenue and Central Blvd” in Palisades Park, NJ.

  • By Car

    We have a big parking lot and valet parking service!